The Astrology of Style

For those unfamiliar with astrology – 12th House Patterns is named after the astrological concept of “houses”. I loved the idea of archetypal systems, like that of astrology, as a guidepost for developing aesthetic concepts. The famous Carl Jung, an archetypal astrologer, himself, often used this system to guide and render therapy to his patients. I’ve applied it to many things in the past, including fashion concepts. As someone who is very 12th house myself, I have a very mutable, dreamly aesthetic energy, and can kind of chameleon myself into a wide variety of styles and interests. This concept offers my creative side structure.

To briefly explain the name of this project, the 12th House- the domicile of Pisces, which is the final port of call in the astrological chart, is a culmination of all of the energies before it. It is the finale– the small death, before rebirth takes place again in the 1st house of Aries. The goal of this project is to embody every fashion archetype, and explore them.

If the things I’m talking about sound like things you’re not familiar with, don’t worry: the rest of this blog post will take it slow and be a lot of fun, because we’re going to discuss the aesthetic archetypes of each sign and how you might incorporate that into your own styling adventures. Even if you’re not interested in astrology, or find it confusing, or even just not convincing– you can learn a lot about archetypes, which are mythological and philosophical structures that help us understand the world through the symbolic. I think any artist or creator would benefit from understanding these- whether they learn them from Ancient Greek or Roman mythos, or learn it from this blog post!

What Determines Your Astrological Aesthetic?

So, you may have heard that you have a “sign”. In astrology, the common sign is known as the “Sun” sign. That is: where the sun was in relation to the actual Sun when you were born. This is what might be known, in modern parlance, as “the ego” or “the self”. It represents who you are at your core. (If you don’t know anything about your chart, go to, and get a free chart and free reading!)

The Sun is often used in “horoscopes”, which are very vague, single variable readings you’ll often find in a magazine or newspaper. However, there are so many more dimensions to who you are, than just your sun sign…. In fact, there are 11 other planets in a modern astrological chart, 12 houses, other astronomically defined angles or waypoints in the chart, as well as synergies between all of these things. Others, still, use asteroids in their cosmological reckonings. Drawing your chart is like examining your fingerprint. It will invariably differ a great deal from everyone else’s. Why do people draw charts in the first place? People often think that astrology exists to make (horary) predictions about the future. This isn’t so much the case. Rather, astrology is meant to describe past, prevailing, and future energies, presuming that the cosmos is a giant energetic clock that turns, like a grist mill in the sky. It’s to understand the energies that will play into the future and have been at play in the past, but it cannot predict specific events or outcomes.

So, what archetypes dictate your aesthetic?

There are quite a few things that are worth looking at in your chart to find out what influences your aesthetic: Your Ascendant (you will need to know your birth time and place for this calculation), your Sun, your Moon, your Venus, and any planets in your 5th house (rules creativity). You may also want to look in the 7th house, and look at where your Neptune (the higher octave planet of Venus, ruling ideal beauty) is in your chart.

Planets, Placements, and their Impacts:

How will each planet and placement described above impact your aesthetic tastes?

Ascendant or “Rising Sign”: This isn’t a planet, but describes a geometric relationship between the earth’s horizon and the cosmos at the time of your birth. The ascendant plays heavily into what you look like. I’ll give you a good example: I knew a set of fraternal twins. One was born with a Gemini ASC, and one was born some hours later under the ASC of Taurus. The Gemini was light haired and eyed, very thin, wiry, and energetic. The Taurean was heavier set, dark haired and had a calmer demeanor. Your ascendant isn’t who you are or exactly what you look like (if this were true, I’d resemble my astro twin Angelina Jolie!), but it’s how the world perceives you to look. Any planets “conjunct” (meaning very close to) the Ascendant when you were born will have an effect. I have Mars on the ASC, so even when I’ve been sitting around eating carbs for two weeks, I have a sporting, athletic appearance to me.

Sun: The Sun is represented by the true self– the deepest part of your self expression. This will form the core of who you are, and will have a great impact on your aesthetic. For example: I am a Gemini with a Venus in Taurus. I love the finer, more natural things in life, but unlike a Taurus sun, I have a much more wieldly, and some might argue, erratic sense of style. I can and often do wear anything and everything, but I wear it in a Taurean way (comfort is vital, fine fabrics are a must, and it has to be beautiful).

Moon: The moon is the planet of your emotions, and it will not necessarily dictate WHAT you wear, but HOW, WHEN, and WHY you wear something. For example: I have Moon/Jupiter in Aries in the 10th House- I dress to feel powerful. I dress to make a statement. Send a message.

Venus: This is the planet of what you find beautiful. It’s how you express your own inner beauty. Mine is in Taurus, which is what we call a “native” of Venus– meaning it is a planet ruled by Venusian energies. I am very much concerned with beauty as a matter of course. My Venus opposes Pluto, exact… from the 5th house of creative energies, to the 11th house of the world. I either dress for the world or myself, and when I do, it’s either sensuous or dark, and often both. I have the aesthetic tendencies of a goth, but with a cashmere habit!

Neptune: Neptune is the planet of ideals, idealism, dreams, the unconscious, etc. It plays very heavily into what you idealize and view as beautiful, but it isn’t usually the attainable kind of beauty- but, the incredible and ethereal. This is a great planetary energy/archetype to tap into when you are creating. It is also a generational planet, so it may have a lot to do with the shifting generational trends.

The 5th House: This is the house of creative endeavors. It is how you use your creativity, and what you use it for. Don’t be surprised, if as a sewist, your 5th house has something in it.

The 7th House: This is actually the house of relationships, but it is a Venusian house, so planets in this house or contacting it may have an affect on how you show up for the world. Your “Descendant” is what marks the start of the 7th house, and it is a breaking through to above the horizon. Below the horizon is the self. Above it is others. So, how you present in relationships. I have Neptune there, and I think it contributes heavily to the very idealized forms of beauty that I am interested in.

Aesthetic Archetypes by Sign:

Aries: Aries is a bold, athletic, and sometimes loud style. It is the baby of the zodiac, so an Aries can have a childlke openness and freshness to their style. Military-inspired looks are key here, tear away track pants, street wear, and also pioneering new styles. There is a freedom and willingness by Aries types to do new things with an almost innocent lack of concern for what people think about it. Aries is an aesthetic trailblazer.

Taurus: One of the two planets ruled by Venus, Taurus is the sign of earthly beauty. It is natural. Don’t be surprised to see a Taurean embrace a “hippie” type of aesthetic. They can also go the other direction, and embrace pure classic glamour. They love soft, beautiful, natural fabrics, and comfortable silhouettes. They are also a very sensual sign, and this will almost certainly come through in their dress.

Gemini: Often misunderstood as “two-faced”, Gemini is the sign of the “Twins”. A Gemini is bound to have at least two facets to their style. They are often creative dressers, who love color, and probably need clothing that has a lot of movement or drape- as they have a nervous energy and cannot stand still. This is one of the Venus signs most likely to communicate through dress– it is the sign of communication, after all!

Cancer: Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. It represents mom, the moon, cyclical things like tides, and emotions. Cancerian aesthetics are often warm, soft, very feminine, but can also be intense and moody. Though many people think Scorpio is responsible for goth fashion, it’s actually Cancers. These guys are most likely to be emotional dressers… and may cycle through styles based on their moods.

Leo: The word is: flamboyant. Even if it’s not sequin jumpsuits, Leo is trying to catch an eye. They’re trying to draw attention to themselves, and they’re going to pull out all the stops while doing it. This is the sign of creativity as well, so they’re going to be the trendsetters. Leo’s aesthetic is more related to the energies that are driving their creative passions at the time, than a specific style. They are dramatic, even if they’re understated.

Virgo: Virgos are the virgins of the zodiac (and the polar opposite of that! lol). They have big “head girl” energy. Organized, ambitious, studious, and often self-sacrificing, Virgo’s aesthetic is often academic and practical. In some cases, their sense of fashion can be austere, and so practical as to be totally utilitarian. Venus is in its fall in Virgo– it’s not at rest here. I have a friend who is a Virgo with Virgo in Venus, and since I’ve known her, she’s basically lived in the same black spaghetti strap tank top and jeans.

Libra: The other native of Venus, Librans are known for their timeless style. Unlike Taurus, which is close to the earth and tends towards gluttony, Libra is all about balance. It’s an air sign, so it doesn’t like to be bogged down. It is clean, organized, and classy. “Classic” is the perfect word to describe the Libra aesthetic.

Scorpio: Ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld and the transformational aspects of sex, Scorpios are sexy and scary. They’re an intense type, and this comes through often in their dress. Though not always, Scorpios are more likely to wear dark or intense colors, or flirt with dark aesthetics.They often physically have a darkness to them– sometimes around the eyes, the eye color, hair color, or just their aura. They are usually very magnetic people, and the enigmatic nature of their energies attract people to them. You can usually tell a Scorpio when you meet them.

Sagittarius: Britney Spears is a total Sagittarius. Sag also rules philosophy and religion. Either it’s a nun’s habit or Britney, bitch! That’s all you need to know about this one. Not kidding.

Aquarius: If “conspiracy theorist” were an aesthetic, that’s what Aquarius would be. Aquarians, simply put, do what they want and they’re often very forward thinking and future oriented. They are total idealists and visionaries and this often comes across in what they wear. They’re often quite good at putting things together that you wouldn’t consider stepping out of the house in. Somehow it works on them, but only on them. Aquarians are often attracted to futurism, androgyny, absurdism, and novelty.

Pisces: They’re the mermaids of the zodiac. This aesthetic is often ethereal, transcendent. Long, flowly, loose, romantic. The Piscean aesthetic is very feminine, earthly but also celestial. Taurus and Pisces are the ones most likely to show up at a bush doof.

Putting it Together

I’ll use myself as an example because I feel that illustrating a point is a superior way to teach. I am a Gemini Sun (In the 12th house, no surprise there)… so I have a multi-faceted, fun, but ethereal kind of baseline style. It has some masculine energy to it. I have Cancer ASC conjunct Mars — so moody and sometimes aggressive, a perfect blend of very feminine and very masculine. I’m curvy, but thin and athletic. Moon is in Aries, conjunct Jupiter – I’m a pioneer, but also a militant – there is a tailored component to my favorite pieces and I look smart in tailored clothes. I have Venus in Taurus in the 11th, opposite Pluto, so to wrap this all into a bow: I love expensive fabrics. I’ve never touched a cashmere scarf I didn’t buy, and most of my wardrobe is black (though I’ve been getting better about that!). Throw in some 11th house Aquarian weirdness and strong Neptune contacts to my Venus and Moon, and that’s me in a nutshell.

This is actually a great approximation of how I dress, naturally… and it helps me color cleanly within my own lines and stick to what I know looks good.

Try it yourself, and respond to the IG post (@12thhousepatterns) for this blog post, and let me know how you go! Or better yet, tag us in a carousel or video of you talking about your personal astro style!

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